Frugal Hardwood Flooring Find!

A few weeks ago we were shopping for plants and soil at Home Depot and we found the best bargain ever. Well, my hubby, Mike, saw it first and pointed it out. At first, we thought it was mislabeled or the wrong boxes were in the wrong shelf bay… or something. It’s always something.

We’ve been looking for quality (but not too expensive) flooring to replace the ugly blue carpet in our family room. We started looking when we first moved in 11 months ago, but we hadn’t found anything worth buying yet. The rest of our house has the original oak hardwood flooring from 1935 (I posted about it here)and we had been trying to find something similar.

We read the label carefully and then checked the labels on the boxes and were shocked to find out that this was really the price for actual, real oak hardwood flooring:


I took this picture because I fully expected to get to the checkout and have it ring up as a different price! This sign says it was $3.98 sq. ft., but the sign on the samples said it was $5.98 sf. ft. I whipped out my smart phone and checked the price on the HD website and it said this flooring is $5.98 sq. ft.

We got all excited for a second and then thought “Wait! This box covers 20 square feet, so we need 18 boxes for the family room.” So, we counted the number of boxes and there were only 13! Of. Course. Then Mike started looking around and up, and he spotted more of the same flooring at the very top of the shelving!!


Bruce Gunstock Oak Flooring @ Home Depot

Bruce Flooring @

We found a HD employee to get it down for us. He ran off to get the forklift and we were standing there not so patiently waiting. I mean, it was a great deal and I was fully prepared to park my butt in front of the price sign, so no one else would see what an AWESOME deal it was and try to buy it first.

Finally, the HD guy came back, cleared the aisle and brought down the other boxes. Mike helped him unload the boxes from the pallet and we loaded our 18 boxes onto a cart. Mike and the HD guy were discussing what a great price this was and the guy takes out his little scanner and scanned the box… and the price was right.

We couldn’t believe what a great deal we were getting!

It was actually 99¢ a square foot and it was supposed to be $5.98 a square foot. So, instead of $119.60 a case, it was $19.80 a case. It sounds even better when I say that to cover the entire family room it would’ve cost $2152.80 and we bought it for $356.40!

The last of the ugly blue carpet is on it’s way out! I can’t wait.

What awesome deals have you found lately?

Vi snakkes! (“See you later” in Norwegian)

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amy
    Jun 11, 2012 @ 14:37:48

    Wow! I am SOO jealous! I love a good deal.


  2. Esther
    Jun 11, 2012 @ 14:43:25

    Wow! Sounds like you got a clearance deal! Congrats. We’ll be up in Truckee in early August. Maybe we can find time to visit and see your new floor. 🙂


  3. taoofterri
    Jun 11, 2012 @ 17:19:28

    What an awesome fine! You guys are the most talented deal finders ever! I know I’ve said it before, but I will say it again……you guys need to teach a class!


  4. Flooring
    Sep 19, 2012 @ 04:21:06

    Great story 🙂 – I love it when I spot a deal like this…99 cents a square foot really is a steal. I wonder why it was going so cheap?


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