Frugal Friday… Saving Saturday!

“Creditors have better memories than debtors.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

I thought I would share with you a few of the ways we save money around our house:

  • We don’t subscribe to cable TV. We use Hulu and PlayOn instead. This one change saves us $72.01 a month! That’s $864.12 a year!
  • We borrow books from the public library instead of buying them. I even do this with e-books for my Kindle Fire.
  • I make my own foaming hand soap from the giant Costco bottle of sensitive hand/dish soap. Just refill an empty foaming hand soap dispenser with water (most of the way, leaving room for the pump parts) and then add two tablespoons of liquid soap. Shake gently to mix. That’s it. You can also add a tiny bit of glycerin for moisturizing and/or essential oil for scent, if you wish.
  • We like to use an automatic soap dispenser at the kitchen sink (when there’s chicken slime on my hands, I really don’t want to touch anything), but didn’t want to spend good money buying the refills (plus the waste of those little bottles, yikes!)  So, my sweet and handy hubby came up with a little “hack”. He drilled a hole in the top of the bottle and stuck a rubber cork in the top. We can refill whenever we need to and there’s no extra cost! Plus, we use rechargeable batteries in the dispenser, so when they die, we just recharge them.

    Easily refillable

  • We don’t buy facial tissue, we use TP instead. See picture. It’s so simple. Just reach into the middle of the roll, grab the little cardboard tube and stick your thumb between the roll and the tissue, push the tube towards the center on both sides, then flip over and do the same on the other side. The tube pops out. Pull the center of tissue up and Voilà!. You have tissue. I cut-an empty tissue box in half and used it for two rolls.

    Frugal tissue!

  • Don’t buy batteries!! We use rechargeable batteries for everything. Buy some rechargeable batteries and a good charger. It may cost a little bit more to start, but it saves so much money (and aggravation!) in the long run. We never have to buy new batteries and we always have some charged when we need more for toys, remotes, clocks, etc..  They’re awesome and they last for years. We have a bunch that are 5 years-old and still works great,
  • Take your bags with you! We always use reusable bags and produce/bulk bags. Our local store gives us a credit for 6 cents per bag we bring. On a normal shopping trip, I use 8 bags. That means I save 48 cents every trip. I use these produce bags. I like them because they have an easy drawstring with a dry erase label tab on the end, which is great for buying bulk food.
  • Use dryer balls! I have had the same four dryer balls for the past four years. I haven’t bought fabric softener in four years! The balls work so well and there’s no chemical smell or residue like with fabric softener. When our 20 year-old son moved out, I gave him a set of his own. He accidentally left them in the dryer once after doing his laundry and, later, one of his roommates asked him what they were. Apparently, his roommate only noticed them after he finished his own laundry and liked them because his jeans came out so soft.
  • Always make a menu plan and a shopping list and stick to it. If you go to the store without a list, you’ll spend more.
  • Use cloth napkins. It’s cheaper, there’s no waste and you’ll make every meal seem a little nicer.
  • Conserve water. Teach your kids the Barney song: “Oh I’m brushing my teeth on top, it’s so much fun I hate to stop. But while I’m brushing my teeth and having so much fun, I never let the water run. No I never let the water run.”
  • Use cold water! Up to 90 percent of the cost of washing clothes comes from heating the water, so use hot water only for very dirty clothes.
  • Use your blinds and/or curtains to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Open the curtains/blinds on the warm side of your house in the winter and keep them closed in the summer.
  • Recycle! Recycling cuts down on your trash which is good for the environment and your wallet! Paying for the smallest trash container saves you $$! Also, save up your cans and/or bottles and take them to a redemption center to exchange for cash.
  • We use our pellet stove to heat our entire house. We installed an thru-wall fan between the family room and the hallway that leads to the bedrooms. We also installed two door fans in the french doors that connect the FR to the kitchen/living/dining areas. We turn on our pellet stove, let it get warmed up and then turn on the fans. They blow the heat into the other areas of the house, it works well for us.
  • Use the “30 day rule”. Whenever you’re considering making a purchase, wait 30 days and then ask yourself if you still want to buy it. Usually, you won’t.
  • Always check Craigslist for used items before buying new.

I’m really enjoying reading all of your frugal ideas and finding new, money saving recipes!

BTW- I did not receive any money or goods for my product suggestions. I just wanted to share the ones that work for me.

Thanks everyone!



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