“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship” – Benjamin Franklin

As you may have noticed, the economy is not so great right now.

Recently, we’ve been taking a closer look at where our money goes every month. We’d already made some changes in the way we shop for groceries and started saving more money there. Then we decided that there were a few more easy changes that we could make to save some dough.

First, I realized that I pay $9.00 a month (after insurance) to Walgreens for a prescription medication that I’ve been taking. Instead, I transferred my prescription to the Target pharmacy and pay $10.00 for 3 entire months of the same medication. That saves me $17.00 every 3 months or $68.00 a year!

Next, we decided to do some research and see if there was a better option for TV service than DirecTV. We have been paying $80.00 a month and wanted a cheaper option. Mike spent some time online exploring all of our choices. After lots (and lots) of surfing the web, we decided to cancel DirecTV and use Hulu Plus instead ($9.99 a month). When Mike called to cancel our service, he was asked why he was canceling the service. He told them that we were doing it to save some money. The representative told him that they could give us up to six months of free service, including movie channels (which we did not have anyway). Mike told them that he wasn’t interested. The funny thing is that people are having a really rough time financially right now, and DirecTV is charging more than ever before. Apparently though , if you call to cancel your service, they can give you a break. Gee, thanks… for nothing. So, we’ve been using Hulu Plus for about a week and we love it! Shows on demand and the newest episode is available as soon as it airs. Plus, you can watch old episodes any time you get the urge. The first thing we watched was the first episode (the pilot) of ‘Psych’. The kids love that show and it was fun to go back and watch the pilot again. Oh, and a few days after we signed up for Hulu Plus, it went down to $7.99 a month, so they’re giving us a $2.00 credit for next month! This change saves us $72.01 a month! That’s $864.12 a year!

Next on the chopping block – the home phone. I almost had it shut-off. We don’t use it very much and it was costing us $43.87  a month with the call waiting/caller ID/unlimited long distance package we had. We had the long distance package because (until last month) our mobile phones were Nevada numbers and that was a long distance call from our current home in California . So, we played with the idea of adding another cell to our plan and using it as a home phone. That’s $10.00 a month. I was slightly worried about 911 calls, so I wasn’t sure I wanted to go that route. I called the home phone company and changed our plan the cheapest available. It is now $8.87 a month. This plan includes 5 1/2 hours of outgoing calls and unlimited incoming calls. This plan fits us really well because we usually only talk on the home phone when someone calls us. This saves us $35.00 a month or $420.00 a year!

That’s a grand total of $1352.12 a year in savings! This saving money thing rocks! Plus, it’s addictive… Let’s see…. what else can we cut?

If I don’t post again before Thursday… Happy Turkey Day!

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  1. Kathy
    May 08, 2012 @ 02:49:33

    Thank you for your comment on my blog for the Roku! Good job on cutting expenses. We got rid of the house phone and went to cells, keeping one as the “house” phone after the last kiddie moved out. It’s still cheaper and we don’t get any sales calls. We should program in 911, I do have the sheriff’s number in there for the regular police line but not Fire or ambulance.


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