I love the Wednesday Morning Farmer’s Market!

I’m so happy on Wednesday morning when I get to go to the farmer’s market at the college.  Today all the kids went with me. The girls like to just be there, but they also like to pick-up some nice fresh kettle corn. Today’s haul of locally grown, organic goodies included: 4 pounds of Bing & Rainier Cherries, Asparagus, Corn, Apricots, Peaches, and 3 pounds of Strawberries. We also bought some fresh-baked yummies from the Italian bakery, including chocolate croissants and Flan (they call it Flan, but it’s more like Egg Custard Pie – which Mike loves). Of course, we had to buy the kettle corn too. It’s hard to not buy too much there. Everything looks so good!

Usually the girls take turns carrying the basket, until it gets so heavy they can’t carry it anymore… then I lug it around. Today, Z Man was there and he offered to carry it around and all the way to the car. Probably because I bought him a chocolate croissant!

I have to mention that Princess A dresses up no matter where we’re going. Today was no different. She had to wear her black velvet dress and black shoes. Those shoes are so worn out  on the toes (as you can see), but she loves them because they have a little heel on them. She’s definitely a girlie girl!






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