Our weekend: Birthdays, Berries, Birdhouses, & Willy Wonka.

On Saturday, the girls were both invited to a friend’s birthday party. The party was a luau and they had a great time celebrating with Nika and bouncing the afternoon away in the bounce house. Mike stayed home to finish some project proposals for work and I spent the afternoon chatting with friends at the party. It’s always interesting trying to complete a conversation when you are constantly interrupted (intentionally or unintentionally) by all of the kids. One of us parents is always on the lookout for the next fall, spill, oops or bad behavior. Sometimes it takes weeks to actually finish a conversation or thought and sometimes they’re just left permanently incomplete. Wait…. what was I saying??

Princess A dressed for the party!

On Sunday, Princess A was invited to another birthday party for her friend, Willow. The theme was Willy Wonka. I mention the theme because when we received the invitation in the mail the week before we thought  it…. was…. AWESOME! The invitation is SO cute and well thought out. I want to use the same one for a party someday! Seriously, I’m going to!  The invitation was almost TOO good! Princess E was so bummed that she couldn’t go.  The girls are invited to parties all the time; sometimes they’re both invited and sometimes they’re not. We promised “E” that we would take her someplace that she would love while “A” was at the party.

The invitation/envelope

The Golden Ticket!

We ended up taking “E” and Z Man to the a Seafood Buffet. “E” is one of those rare children who will try pretty much anything. She loves crab, shrimp, sushi and mussels. We had never been to this restaurant before and thought we would give it a try since “A” was at the party. “A” does not like to try new things. She doesn’t like meat very much (except for Daddy’s special recipe Korean BBQ chicken breasts). In fact, after seeing everything the buffet had to offer, I think “A” would have only wanted to eat the fresh fruit (melon, oranges, pineapple, etc.) and something from the dessert bar (little slices of cake, cheesecake and ice cream). We may have possibly coerced her to try the friend rice, teriyaki chicken and a piece of bread, but it would have been difficult. Seriously. “E” tried a lot that she didn’t care for (sushi, halved lobster, clams, etc..) and a lot of things that she loved (crab legs, mussels, steamed shrimp and teriyaki squid tentacles). She was cracking crab practically the whole time we were there and when she couldn’t get some of the meat out, she would suck it out of the shell. She ended the seafood session with a nice bowl of vanilla/chocolate ice cream. All in all, it was just an okay seafood buffet. The crab and shrimp were good, but most of the other foods were just okay or not good at all. For the price (adults $22 and kids $10), I’d rather go elsewhere. “E” would probably disagree!

E's favorite foods

E eating Teriyaki Squid

Later Sunday, we checked on the blackberries that are growing wild on the side of our yard. We love having berries growing in the yard and we tried some of the ripe ones. They’re just a little tart still. Don’t they look great?

Princess A received a birdhouse kit for her birthday and really enjoyed painting it. She even let Princess E help her with the decoration. Then, about a month ago, they  painted 2 more birdhouses. I love the way they turned out.  Last week, Daddy hung them in the front yard. We think they look really cool hanging from the trees. After Z Man saw them, he said “Great! Now, we’re the weird neighbors!”. That’s okay with me.

We're the weird neighbors!

I love the way they move with the wind

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend too!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Terri
    Jul 14, 2010 @ 06:23:26

    Kathy, this looks really good!


  2. elfstacy
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 18:33:27

    Yay! The Willy Wonka invitations are so much fun. We just gave our son this themed birthday party too, and it’s one of my favorites.


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